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Lärmbekämpfung - Ausgabe 4/2019

Erfahrungen bei der Ermittlung und Bewertung des Standes der Lärmminderungstechnik

Summary In the course of the assessments on the state of noise control technology, both detailed investigations of the individual sound sources and the measurement and calculation of the existing noise contributions are necessary. If the investigation is carried out in accordance with the method described below, a final check can be made, since both the current noise situation in the vicinity of a plant is known, and knowledge is obtained as to the effort with which any additional reductions in the noise situation can be achieved. What is important here is the assessment of proportionality. If, in addition, a suitable cut-off criterion is chosen, the resulting effort can still be justified, even in case of large industrial sites, in order to determine the appropriate intermediate value.

Bittner, J.; Heim, S.; Hinkelmann, D.; Hünnekens, G.

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